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Sport & Exercise Physician Referrals

For referring health practitioners, the conditions Peter is most expert in treating, and  for which referrals to him are most appropriate, are as follows:

Muscle, tendon, bone and joint injuries

Non-surgical + surgical management including acute injuries to joints such as fractures, subluxations and dislocations

ITB (iliotibial band) friction syndrome of the knee

Peter has developed and performs a unique in-room percutaneous tenotomy procedure under local anaesthetic for treatment of recalcitrant ITB pain

Running-related injuries

Back-related hamstring pain/"Runner's sciatica", "Runner's Knee", foot & Achilles pain etc


Including patellar, Achilles, elbow and hip (including tensor fascia lata, gluteus medius / minimus), hamstring origin, plantar fascia.  Peter offers expertise in exercise programs, shockwave therapy + various injection therapies (ultrasound-guided corticosteroid/PRP; hydrodilatation of shoulder and Achilles tendon sheath)

Stress-related injuries

Including bone stress reactions and stress fractures, etc

Overtraining syndrome / chronic fatigue

Assessment and appropriate management

Spinal pain and sciatica

Including specific exercises, braces, taping and organising fluoroscopic or CT-guided injections into facet joints, sacroiliac joints, nerve root sheaths (transforaminal epidural injections), caudal epidural injections

Chronic pain & neuropathic pain patients

Assessment and appropriate management for patients with these difficult conditions 

FAI (femoro-acetabular impingement) of the hip joint

A recently-recognised condition requiring experienced assessment of hip joint range of movement and interpretation of x-rays, MRI & CT scans

Knee, foot and ankle injuries and pain

Postural and biomechanical abnormalities

Determines the relationship of these to musculoskeletal pain / injuries

Orthopaedic Surgeon & Medical Specialist Liaison

Peter liaises with and refers to orthopaedic (and other) surgeons and medical specialists including rheumatologists, neurologists, haematologists, pathologists, respiratory physicians and pain medicine physicians.  He also refers to physiotherapists, podiatrists, remedial masseurs, strength and conditioning coaches and sports psychologists.  He has an interest in prescribing his own strengthening programs and stretching (where appropriate), and has expertise in supplying and fitting orthotics, taping, braces, padding, as required.

Musculoskeletal Surgical Treatments

Peter has relationships and works with leading Australian orthopaedic surgeons including Mr David Young, Mr Greg Hoy, A/Prof Elton Edwards and others.  He has extensive first-hand knowledge of the most up-to-date and innovative surgical treatments for many musculoskeletal problems.  These include tendon repair, joint stabilisation and replacement, nerve release procedures and joint arthroscopic procedures (knee, shoulder, hip).

LCHF (Banting, Paleo) Diets

Peter has developed an interest in the value of a LCHF (low carbohydrate/healthy fat) diet to treat people with difficult-to-manage obesity and insulin resistance.  Associated with this new approach to a healthy diet Peter has developed an interest in the importance of gut health including the concept of Leaky Gut Syndrome and its possible relationship to many autoimmune and inflammatory conditions.

Speaking Engagements and Articles 

Peter is often invited to present on sports medicine topics to many different audiences - ranging from small group meetings at GP clinics to large symposiums and conferences for health practitioners and Special Interest groups.  He has been a speaker at conferences for the Australasian College of Sport and Exercise Physicians (ACSEP), Sports Medicine Australia (SMA), and the General Practice Convention and Exhibition (GPCE).  He has also published articles in health magazines, Sports World Australia magazine, Australian Runner magazine and medical journals (including Australian Family Physician).