Sport and Exercise Medicine Physician

Dr Peter Fuller is a specialist Sport and Exercise Medicine Physician, and one of the pioneers of Sports Medicine in Australia. 

Dr Fuller consults at Lifecare Ashburton Sports Medicine and Lifecare Prahran Sports Medicine in Melbourne, Victoria.

For details on making an appointment to see Dr. Fuller please see the contact page of this website.

He is a fully-qualified medical practitioner who worked as a GP before becoming a sports doctor in the 1980s and then a Fellow, founding Member, and inaugural Vice-President of the Australasian College of Sport and Exercise Physicians (ACSEP).  In 2010, Fellows of the College were recognised as Medical Specialists by the Australian Medical Council.  He is a former elite middle-distance runner (with mile PB of 3:56.8) and competitive cyclist.

Peter has over 30 years' experience working with Australian elite athletes (track and field), professional cyclists, triathletes, footballers, cricketers and motor sport professionals.  He has been the team doctor for Drapac Professional Cycling since 2009 and the Melbourne Track Club since 2000.  He has a special interest in young athletes and their joint pains, growth plate inflammation and spinal/back pain related to their immaturity, growth spurts, poor coordination, tightness of specific muscle groups and overuse (doing too much with inadequate recovery). 

Peter treats many recreational sports people of all ages involved in various physical activities such as golf, football, basketball, soccer, tennis, squash, cricket, swimming, surfing, running, gym, Pilates, yoga, weight/resistance training.  He is a highly-regarded physician who is well-known for managing acute injuries and also dealing with complex, hard-to-diagnose musculoskeletal pain problems.  He receives referrals from GPs, orthopaedic surgeons, sports team doctors,  physiotherapists, chiropractors, osteopaths, masseurs, podiatrists and other allied health professionals.